Living the Susegad Life in Agonda, Goa

What I love about Goa is that it always surprises me each time I go there. The party animal in Puneet would bring him to Goa at least 3 times every year and when I joined him in 2012, we started exploring the historical hamlets, the lush countryside and phenomenal Goan food together!

This time around, my restless feet were keen to explore a bit further, taking me down to South Goa.

Why Agonda?

South Goa is more popular among tourists for 5 star luxury resorts and warm hospitality. But what about those who can’t afford luxury or yet want to live their holiday in ‘Susegad’ style? For them, there’s no better paradise than Agonda!

Sunset at Agonda

(The tranquil calm at Agonda Beach, Goa)

The word – Susegad, actually means ‘quiet’ in Portuguese, but is normally mistaken for the relaxed, laid-back attitude towards life that is said to have existed historically in Goa. Agonda, actually lives up to this word, both in Portuguese as well as in modern meaning!

Getting to Agonda

Agonda Beach is situated in the Canacona district in the southernmost part of Goa. This is approximately 38 kms from the city of Margao. The easiest way to get there is by taking a local bus from the KTC Bus stand, Margao and the trip would take about an hour and a half. There are also taxi’s available from the airport and railway station. However, these are far more expensive than the local buses.

St. Anne's Church Agonda

(St. Anne’s Church, Agonda)

Accommodation in Agonda

Our bus dropped us alongside a tiny bridge and we started walking towards the road that leads to St. Anne’s Church on Agonda. This was the first time where Puneet and I had no accommodation booked and we started checking out the beach properties one by one.

Agonda Road

(The bridge that takes you to Agonda Beach Road)

The options for accommodation are plenty depending on your preference. If you’re on a very tight budget, there are basic rooms between Rs 500 – 1000 about 2-3 minute walk from the beach.

As we started walking along the road, we came across Hangout Cottages. He offered us a beachfront cottage at about 1500 per night. We loved this one but decided to check some more before finalising our weekend habitat. We explored along the road and finally settled on Sand Sapphire beachfront cottage.

Sand Sapphire Agonda

(Our five billion star cottage on the beach – Sand Sapphire)

The moment we stepped in, a calm aura engulfed us and the beach was inviting us to walk along the soft sand. which was going to be our heavenly abode for the next 3 days. This is a relatively new property compared to the rest. They have amazing beach huts and garden huts at an affordable price. You can always crack a good deal in Agonda when travelling in low season. However, as with the other places, the rates double up during the festive season of Christmas – New Years when it would be wise to book in advance.

Boats in Agonda

(Boats on Agonda Beach)

We chose the AC beach hut which has an elevated view of this long stretch of blue water on both sides. The water is calm and you can literally sleep with the sound of the waves. Also, this place isn’t very touristy which makes u feel like it’s your own private beach. The sunsets are absolutely spectacular.

If you’re on a budget, then Agonda Beach Huts is a lovely option, right on the beach.

Living the Susegad Life in Agonda

Agonda Beach ranks at number 2 by TripAdvisor amongst top 25 beaches in India for 2014. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Goa and absolutely great for swimming, practising yoga or even jogging along the shores. We were surprised to see horse riding lessons being conducted on the beach during sunset.


(Living the Susegad Life in Agonda)

Our early mornings were spent in our little balcony admiring the beautiful ocean. While Puneet loved being a water baby, I relaxed on the sun beds and enjoyed reading my book, sipping fresh pineapple juice.

Horse Riding in Agonda

(Horse Riding on Agonda Beach)

Another surprising bit to this trip was the food in Agonda! This part of Goa caters to a lot of international tourists and hence there are plenty of eating out options along the Church Road. From great coffee shops, organic food cafés, Indian food joints and sea food dining – there’s plenty to explore if you’re a foodie!

Food in Agonda

(Agonda is a foodie’s paradise!)

Imagine doing the downdog pose on the beach and then heading for some freshly brewed coffee with a mushroom omelette and an organic avocado sandwich. Life can’t get better!

We’ve been to many beaches in Goa but realised that Agonda had a surreal charm of its own. The changing colours of the sky, the soft sand and the sound of waves lashing against the shore, we couldn’t ask for more. I loved walking through the main road and talking to locals and other travellers.

Funky Wall Art

(Funky wall art, Agonda)

The Agonda road is adorned with simplicity – small shops, temples, small cottages and cosy cafes to chill out. I usually prefer a holiday with adventure and activities, but this was one trip where I learnt to relax, leave aside my smartphone and go offline. Agonda is perfect for digital detox!

We celebrated Puneet’s birthday with a candlelight dinner at a sea food restaurant on the beach. He wanted a relaxing day by the water and his favourite beer! But for those who like to let their hair down, there are some great party places like Leopard Valley, Silent Noise etc in Palolem, about 20 minutes’ drive from Agonda.


(Sunset at Agonda Beach)


(Puneet’s birthday celebrations at Agonda)

We found Agonda perfect for couples who want to relax and get away from the hectic pace of life. A stunning view, amazing food and a pink sunset is waiting to welcome you. Let the waves hit your feet and sand be your seat – try living the susegad life here in Agonda! You surely won’t be disappointed.


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